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Providing martial arts tuition assistance for those in financial need.

Martial Artists for the Advancement of Mindfulness (MAAM) is a local non-profit organization dedicated to educating and enhancing the community through the practice of martial arts and of mindfulness. MAAM was founded in 2010 and has financially helped many people — children and adults — find personal success and enlightenment through the practice of martial arts.

Current students have testified to the effect that martial arts has had on their life:

For my first day on the mats, as I approached the front door of the dojo, I became nervous, thinking I’m too old and out of shape to start something new like martial arts. I thought to myself, maybe I should just turn around and go home. But instead I made my way inside the dojo and was warmly welcomed by all. It turned out to be a great decision to go through that door.
Through the support of everyone at the dojo, our son blossomed as a hockey player and as a student… In school our son succeeded in ways we would not have believed… He had learned dedication, hard work, and effort, but our son has also learned the joy of competing hard.
The magic of classes at our dojo is that people arrive from all walks of life, having the frustrations and joys of their day behind them. And by the end of class, every single person walks off the mat feeling tired, challenged, inspired, and happy.