Apply for One-Time Event Assistance

Make sure to read the scholarship criteria before applying.

Student's Name

Parent's or Guardian's Name (if the student is under 18 years of age)

Email Address (Important: this is where MAAM will reply to your application)

Cell Phone Number (of the person filling out this application)

Event Name

Event Date

Nature and Purpose of Event

If the applicant is a current student or has studied martial arts in the past, please give us some background information. (How long have you studied? How many classes have you attended? Where have you studied?)

Please take some time to tell us how and why you expect this event, workshop, or seminar to be valuable to your martial arts practice.

Amount of scholarship assistance being applied for. (Please remember that the lower the amount requested, the more likely your scholarship will be approved. Please apply for the smallest amount you can honestly afford in order to keep funds available for others. Grants are paid directly to the event.)

What is the total cost of the event without financial assistance?

Signature. Please type the applicant’s name to act as your authorized signature and scholarship request.