Apply for Tuition Assistance

Make sure to read the scholarship criteria before applying.

Student's Name

Parent's or Guardian's Name (if the student is under 18 years of age)

Email Address (Important: this is where MAAM will reply to your application)

Cell Phone Number (of the person filling out this application)

Is this a new application for tuition assistance or a renewal of a grant?

Is the application for someone new to martial arts practice?

If the applicant is a current student or has studied martial arts in the past, please give us some background information. (How long have you studied? How many classes have you attended? Where have you studied?)

Please take some time to tell us why the practice of martial arts is important to you or to your son or daughter. This is your opportunity to explain how martial arts may change or has changed your life.

Amount of scholarship being applied for monthly

Explain how you would be able to contribute to the success of the dojo and the community while receiving your grant. For example, scholarship recipients (or their parents/guardians) are strongly encouraged to volunteer for at least one of MAAM’s annual fund-raising events.

If you are new to martial arts practice, MAAM typically will approve a trial period. This trial period assures that you will enjoy and benefit from the practice. A minimum of two classes per week is required during the trial period in order to be eligible for funding approval. (Check Yes if you understand the attendance requirement.)

Scholarships are valid for one quarter (three months), and applicants may re-apply at the end of a quarter. I understand that applications are reviewed quarterly and that MAAM reserves the right to re-evaluate an applicant at any point.

Scholarship assistance is limited to nine quarters of financial help: three quarters of assistance at 75%, then three quarters at 50%, and finally three quarters at 25% (each quarter consists of a three-month period). This policy applies to families, so that assistance to one child in a family begins the nine-quarter period for all children in that family.

Signature. Please type the applicant’s name to act as your authorized signature and scholarship request.