Senior student and junior student talking

There are three criteria used in considering scholarship applications:

  • First is the student’s attitude towards martial arts practice. MAAM looks for students who will practice regularly and who are enthusiastic about their study of martial arts. This is seen in the responses offered in the application form and the testimony of Sensei and fellow students.
  • The second criterion is the student’s commitment to improving the dojo. This is also seen in the student’s application responses and the willingness of the student (or his parents/guardians) to help at fundraisers and other events.
  • The final criterion is financial need. We depend upon the student to self-identify such need through their requested amount of scholarship.

Applicants for scholarships may ask for assistance of 25%, 50%, or 75% of tuition. (Only in exceptional circumstances would 100% awards be given.) Applicants for scholarships for one-time-only events, such as workshops or seminars, may ask for assistance of 25% or 50% of the workshop cost. Awards of assistance are paid directly to the dojo or workshop. Awards are given for one quarter (a three-month period); students must re-apply at the end of the quarter if they wish to have continued assistance. Acceptance for one quarter does not guarantee receiving future assistance, but those receiving scholarships are encouraged to apply again at the end of a quarter if financial need remains. As a sign of commitment, prospective scholarship applicants are asked to attend at least four classes over two weeks before applying for a scholarship.

Scholarship recipients are expected to attend class regularly. Like all dojo students, they are expected to have a positive spirit and think of themselves as members of a community of learners. As you fill out the form, please offer enough information for the MAAM board to evaluate your application; a lack of information may result in deferred action.